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Corinthia A. Kelley

Author ~ Founder & CEO

Corinthia A. Kelley grew up in Oxon Hill, Maryland.  She currently holds an Associates Degree in Accounting, as well as being certified in Proofreading & Verbal/Written English.  


She began her love of writing at the age of eleven, keeping a journal of daily life experiences.  In 1998, a friend suggested that she take her life experience journals and turn them into novels. From this suggestion, she created Opal Book Publishing LLC and her first novel "To Forgive or Forget" was written and self-published in 2004.

Corinthia A. Kelley is also a supporter and recipient of the Lupus Foundation of America.  She was diagnosed in 2007 with Lupus (a deadly disease of the immune system) and has been determined not to let it drown her dreams of being an author, nor affect her everyday life situations.


Now a mother of twin girls, she's endured the loss of her oldest twin girl (Corynn), which has made her that much stronger to live longer for her daughter Lorynn. God is so Amazing!


Her writings range from everyday drama, deceitful friends, abusive relationships, to new friendships, walks-in-the-park, and of course, Erotica!

Opal Book Publishing LLC, Founded in 2002 by Author Corinthia A. Kelley, has been one of the most affordable publishing companies for many years. The company's name come from the authors birthstone (Opal), which of course is one of her favorite stones.

In addition to being the author of  five novels, the company now has a total of fifteen titles under its belt, which includes The Weight of the World by Renee Huggans, 

Lesbian Bullshyt by Tanisha McMillan, Faces of Shame, In The Eyes of a Thug, and Faces of Shame 2 by Tonya Phillips, Broken by R. Gaskins, Second Time, Round Two by Sondra Maith,

Forsaken EyesForsaken Eyes 2In Love With The Wrong Man (Releasing Soon) and Twinless Twin - Memoir (Releasing Soon) by Corinthia A. Kelley, 

Donna's Collections by Mary'Sun The Poet, The Image I See by Duncan R. Massey, and The Women With Many Hats by Danita Thornton.

Opal Book Publishing LLC strives to help and give new and aspiring authors a chance to be heard literally through their writings. We are a provider of limited services of all work, which includes that of Editing, Publishing, Advertising, and Marketing!

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Danita Thornton joined OBP in 2021 to debut her first novel "The Woman With Many Hats".

She started writing 3 years ago, where the idea came from the inspirations from her beloved mother and grandmother. 

Danita is an owner of Danita's House of Hair and has been a beautician for the past 25 years. She's also a mom of two sons.



Duncan Massey joined OBP in 2017, where his first Christian novel "The Image I See", which will be available November 2017 in paperback and on 

Duncan R. Massey has been working on this project for a few years, until he decided to publish his first book. 


He works in General Records Management in Maryland and is currently working on his next published project.



Sondra Maith, author of "Unfortunately Fortunate" , joined the OBP team in 2013 where she published her second novel, "Second Time, Round Two”.

Sondra Maith currently resides in the Temple Hills area and works as a mentor to high school students, as well as being an Instructional Assistant & Public Health Aid.



Tonya Phillips, author of "Faces of Shame" , "In The Eyes of a Thug", and "Faces of Shame 2"  joined Opal Book Publishing to debut her first novel, after having such a bad experience with her first written novel. 

Tonya Phillips, a mother of three, currently resides in District Heights, MD and works as a Special Police Officer for the DC Public School System.



Mary'Sun The Poet, author of "Donna's Collections", will be debuting his first creation of poems on September 10, 2016 and will be available on Amazon's Kindle.

He states that his wife is his number one supporter and she stands by him unconditionally, as well as other friends who encouraged him to have his writings published with Opal Book Publishing.



Rita Gaskins joined Opal Book Publishing in 2014, where she published her first novel "Broken".  which is also available in paperback on 


She's married with three children and currently works as an Administrative Coordinator for a Nonprofit Organization in Washington, DC. and hopes to write full time soon.  



Tanisha McMillan joined the OBP team in 2010, where she had her first novel "Lesbian Bullshyt" published. 

The 31 year old mother of two, Conneticut born & raised author still resides there and currently works for a local waste management company while continuing to pursue her writing career as an author.​



Renee Huggans joined OBP in 2006 as one of the first authors to the company scene. She released her first novel with us after an unsuccessful process of self-publishing.

Her release, "The Weight of the World" sold many copies than she'd imagined.


She's now a mother of four and still resides in the DC Metropolitan Area.

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